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To compete in WarZone Secure matches you'll need to stock up on WZS Credits. Credits can be easily bought using a credit card, debit card or even PayPal. Credit pricing can be found here.


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Easily create and manage your own team to compete. Invite your best friends or your clan mates. Competing as a clan lets you put your winnings and credits towards your clan.

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Create or join a match as an individual small team or clan. Choose from over 120 available game modes from the most 7 popular FPS PC titles we support. Support for more titles coming soon!


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In need of some battle-driven adrenaline at 3AM on a Wednesday night? No problem...WarZone Secure matches are available 24/7, 365 days of the year, worldwide.

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Every gamer who competes in our matches wins either cash or free playing-credits. If you win cash, you can choose convert to credits, or decide to deposit cash into your PayPal account.


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We hate script kiddies. That's why we've developed our own server-side anti-cheat that monitors ALL WarZone Secure matches.


Game Leaderboards

With our game leaderboards, it's easy to see how you stack up against the competition in each game.


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Need assistance? We have human support standing by 24/7 to help you answer your questions or resolve your issues.


Dedicated Servers

All match servers are hosted on dedicated servers built with the best hardware, running on the fastest networks.

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