You may be a little surprised to not find the site you have been used to here nor to see any matches or games in general.
We had a great year starting back in May 2014. We learned an immense deal from the PC FPS community. Ranging from functionality to titles, everything in the competitive landscape was different from what we had envisioned in the early days of WarZone Secure®. We admit some portions were rushed, this due to timelines and fundraising. BUT we learned! We used the time to learn, to gather experience in the FPS-Scene and how to better integrate our product into the workings of this, very coordinated, complicated and established form of play.

Now, to get to the point, with our gathered information and lots of feedback we decided now is the right time to refresh WarZone Secure®, for now!
We are currently working on a Version 2.0 of our service, improving its functionality from bottom to top and therefore choose to stop fixing the current release and do it right from the beginning. This includes feature sets that we always wanted, but now this redesign gives the opportunity to give the players what they want. But no worries, if you have been registered at WarZone Secure®, we got your account backed up - you are even already in our E-Mail-Newsletter and your credits will be restored once we are back - AND WE WILL BE BACK!

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Thank you for your understanding!
The WarZone Secure®-Team and Cyber Holdings, Inc.

Do you have questions about what is going on? You have a few options to get in touch with us:

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The WarZone Secure® Professional-Development-Program (or PDP) is our approach to build an even better experience for gamers when using our platform.

The PDP includes the feedback of competitive players into the early planning- and development-stages of WarZone Secure®, allowing us to start on the right foot with what we do and not spend countless hours trying to figure out what we need.

And you can be part of this process
We are looking for skilled Counter-Strike : Global Offensive players to support us in our journey to reinvent the competitive FPS-Scene.

Click here to learn more about the WZS-PDP